Eco-Hydro-Climate (EHC) Research Group


The Eco-Hydro-Climate (EHC) Research Group at the Department of Hydrology focuses on understanding the interactions of ecosystems, water and climate under changing climate and human influences.

Ecohydroclimatology is an emerging frontier in earth system science that focuses on the interactions of water, climate, and ecosystems, as well as their implications to society. As anthropogenic climate change continues to warm Earth’s surface, the quantity of water stored as snow in our mountain reservoirs is decreasing rapidly. At the same time, disturbance events such as wildfire, drought, and forest harvest are increasing. To promote a more resilient future in natural resource management, it is critical we understand the mechanisms, processes, and interactions between water, climate, ecosystems, and society.


Group Members


Dr. Ashutosh Sharma

PhD Students

Vijaykumar Bejagam (PMRF)Ecosystem and Hydrological Modeling
Nikunj MangukiyaMachine learning and flood forecasting
Pooja PatleWatershed management

M Tech Students


Tapobeeva SahooCompound Extremes
Akriti SinghEcosystem Functioning and Groundwater
Siddig BermaHydrological modeling


Apurv VishwakarmaClimate Change Assessment2022
Vivek KumarHydrological modeling2022