Inviting submissions for Special Issue on Hydroclimatic Variability and Terrestrial Ecosystems


About Special Issue:

Terrestrial ecosystems play an essential role in the regulation of the global carbon cycle. In fact, they act as a significant sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide and are perceived, therefore, as efficient natural solutions to climate change. Terrestrial vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, whilst also losing some water, and thus regulates the water and energy exchange between vegetation and atmosphere. These interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and the hydrological cycle are highly complex and occur at different scales. Understanding these interactions is essential to predict the response of terrestrial ecosystems to hydroclimatic disturbances. Increasing climatic variability under climate change is anticipated to affect terrestrial ecosystems’ functioning in numerous ways, impacting significantly ecosystem services.

This Research Topic aims to explore the effects of hydroclimatic variability on terrestrial ecosystems and ecosystem services. This Research Topic mainly focuses on interactions between hydroclimatic variability and terrestrial ecosystems functioning, assessment of freshwater ecosystem services, and impact of hydroclimatic disturbances on terrestrial ecosystem productivity and ecosystem services. Articles exploring the role of adaptation measures against increasing climatic variability for the sustainability of freshwater ecosystem services are also highly encouraged.